About comments

This is my demesne. My authority here is absolute.

Comments will be addressed to me and begin with an appropriate salutation.

To comment, you need a WordPress account. Your first comment will be held in moderation limbo, where it will remain until the end of time and after unless it includes your real name and email address, both of which I will remove before publishing. I will use your email address to contact you before I publish your first comment.

I will cut and delete comments as I see fit. I will impose conditions on commenting, either generally or on a particular post or individual, as I find expedient or amusing.

My authority to dictate the content of this website will not be questioned.

Think of me as an eldritch horror. We do not understand each other. Because you are nothing to me, I neither understand you nor care to. Because my authority here is complete and yours does not exist, you cannot hope to comprehend my actions.